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Home-Made remedies to help you eradicate the weeds you find in your garden.

Basic Ingredients and Instructions:

Pour ingredients into bottle. Shake to blend the oils.
  • Vinegar: For best results, don’t dilute with water and choose a time to spray weeds when there’s no sign of rain. Household vinegar is around 5% acetic acid concentration which will do the trick for baby weeds. If you can find a stronger vinegar (like pickling which is about 9%), that will give better results for more mature (and stubborn) weeds.
  • Salt: This is an effective weed killer, but keep in mind that significant amounts will cause damage to surrounding soil as well. Salt should only be used in places where you want no plant growth (like driveways, sidewalk cracks, underneath decks and patio blocks, around the foundation of the house, etc.). To use, a ratio of 1 part salt to 2 parts water should do it. You can also drizzle salt directly over weeds.
  • Salt & Vinegar Recipe:

    Combine: 1 1/4 cups of table salt with 1 gallon of household vinegar. Spray where needed.

  • Vinegar & Dish Detergent: Fill a spray bottle with pickling vinegar and add a squirt or two of liquid dish detergent. Spray on weeds during the hottest part of the day.
  • Liquid Dish Detergent: Make a soap solution of 1 part liquid dish detergent to 10 parts water. Soak weeds with this mix.
  • Boiling Water: Plug in the kettle, bring it to a boil then pour the hot water over weeds (you’re basically cooking the weed to death).
  • Lemon Juice: Either use straight lemon juice or try 1/2 cup lemon juice mixed with 1 quart household vinegar. This works much the same way as straight vinegar, but lemon juice is more expensive. I would only use this if I had more lemon juice on hand than I knew what to do with.
  • Common Weed Killer Recipe:

    Combine: 1 quart household vinegar, 1/4 cup salt, 2 teaspoons liquid dish detergent (only use a detergent that contains no bleach). Mix together and spray on weeds.

  • Corn Gluten Meal: This is an all natural weed and feed product that deters weeds spreading by seed, a great source of info regarding this method can be found here: City Of Ottawa: Weed Control Using Corn Gluten Meal (how and when to apply it, etc.). Effective on crabgrass, dandelions, curly dock, knotweed, lambs quarters, pigweed, plantain and other weeds. Can be used on lawns, flowerbeds, bulb beds and vegetable gardens. Make sure to use CGM that is labeled as “pre-emergent herbicide“, stuff from the feedstore doesn’t have enough protein to work. Keep in mind that using CGM affects seed growth for all plants, not just weeds.

Homemade Weed Killer Super Strong Formula


  • Pour one gallon of vinegar into an all-purpose, outdoor sprayer.
  • Add one cup of salt.
  • Add two tablespoons of liquid dish detergent (non scented)

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